MJ Territo Duo/Trio/Quartet/Quintet etc.
MJ offers a combo platter of musicians to suit a wide variety of venues, everything from a mellow guitar/vocal duo to a mini-big band with drums, bass, piano/keyboards and horns, and anything in between.

Ladies Day
MJ leads women musicians playing the compositions of other women, including themselves.

Special Sets
Harold Arlen
Dave Frishberg
Fran Landesman
Peggy Lee
Johnny Mercer
Alec Wilder

Theme Sets Sample

Strictly For the Birds - tunes literally or metaphorically about our feathered friends, such as Cole Porter's "Let's Do It" and Dave Brubeck's "Strange Meadowlark".

Heavens Above! - songs that celebrate the celestial: from Van Morrison's "Moondance" to Bill Evans' "Turn Out the Stars".

What A Wonderful World of course starts with the Satchmo hit and visits every continent. (Well, not Australia, just can't make "Waltzing Mathilda" work.)

See The USA because there's "Moonlight in Vermont" and you know that "Stars Fell on Alabama" and sometimes we're all in "A New York State of Mind".

There are lots more, and MJ would be happy to create one especially for you, your venue, or your special occasion.
Lyrics And Composition

Lyrics & Composition

Lyrics And Composition
MJ combines her experience as a wordsmith and a musician to collaborate with composers, turning melodies into song.

Composer/pianist Linda Presgrave on 'The Bird of Ceret': "This collaboration came about when MJ invited me to perform with her on a concert of music by women and asked if she could try her hand at lyrics for the piece. I explained to her my 'inspiration' for the work and she managed to capture exactly my aural vision into words!"

MJ is sometimes inspired to write tunes to her own lyrics. Her most-performed favorites are:
- It's Not The Song (It's How You Sing It)
- The Just-Because-You're-Somebody's-Mama-Why-Do-You-Have-to-Be-So-Good-Blues (See Lyrics)


With Victor LaGamma:   "Just Before I Sleep"  "No Cash Blues"   "Watercolor Cafe Blues"

With Linda Presgrave:   "The Bird of Ceret"

With Jon Randall:   "New York Pedestrian Blues"

Lyrics for standards:   "Blue Bossa"   "Voyage"


MJ has published more than 20 books, both fiction and non-fiction. From freelance editing, she segued into writing. She has authored romantic fiction under a variety of pseudonyms. As Kathryn Belmont, she wrote a trilogy based loosely on her Italian-American upbringing. Her non-fiction collaborations include the recovery classic, "Restore Your Life: A Living Plan for Sober People", written with Dr. Anne Geller, a founder of the American Academy of Addiction Medicine.

MJ continues to write occasionally and is available for website and/or promotional copy, reviews, articles, and grant applications.